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14 - Jan - 2015

From The Gigbag Experts

Cornet Gigbags Cases

Cornet Gigbags Cases

To view full specifiction and photos of each item please click on the Gigbag code number.

VA-106BK Cornet Black Bump Bag £14-95

VA-106BL Cornet Blue Bump Bag £14-95.

VA-106PK Cornet Pink Bump Bag £14-95

VA-106W Cornet Wine Bump Bag £14-95

VA-105BK Cornet Black Combo Gigbag £29-95

VA-105BL Cornet Blue Combo Gigbag £29-95

VA-105PK Cornet Pink Combo Gigbag £29-95

VA-105W Cornet Wine Combo Gigbag £29-95

VA-102BK Cornet Black Standard Hard Case £14-95

VA-103BK Cornet Black Advanced Hard Case £34-95

VA-108BK Black Fabric Double Gigbag £39-95

VA-108BL Blue Fabric Double Gigbag £39-95

VA-108W Wine Fabric Double Gigbag £39-95

VA-109BK Black Leather Double Gigabg £89-95

VA-109BR Brown Leather Double Gigbag £89-95

VA-110BK Black Fabric Triple Gigbag £49-95

VA-110BL Blue Fabric Triple Gigbag £49-95

VA-110W Wine Fabric Triple Gigbag £49-95

VA-111BK Black Leather Triple Gigabg £109-95

VA-111BR Brown Leather Triple Gigbag £109-95

GG-1030 Bach Gigbag-Budget £28-00

GG-997 Bach Fabric Gigbag £69-00

GG-998 Bach Leather Gigbag £96-00

Gig-100Y Rucksack Student Black/Yellow Soft Gigbag POA

Gig-100O Rucksack Student Black/Orange Soft Gigbag POA

Gig-100BL Rucksack Student Navy/Sky Blue Soft Gigbag POA

Gig-100PU Rucksack Student Navy/Purple Soft Gigbag POA

Gig-200W Rucksack Advanced Black/Wine Soft Gigbag POA

Gig-200B Rucksack Advanced Black/Grey Soft Gigbag POA

Gig-105Y Rucksack Student Black/Yellow Moulded Gigbag POA

Gig-105O Rucksack Student Black/Orange Moulded Gigbag POA

Gig-105BL Rucksack Student Navy/Sky Blue Moulded Gigbag POA

Gig-105PU Rucksack Student Navy/Purple Moulded Gigbag POA

Gig-205W Rucksack Advanced Black/Wine Moulded Gigbag £79-99

Gig-205B Rucksack Advanced Black/Grey Moulded Gigbag POA


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